Information about the Bus-FMS-Standard

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Major manufacturer of buses and coaches agreed to give third parties access to vehicle data.

Daimler Buses - EvoBus GmbH

MAN Truck & Bus AG

Scania CV

Volvo Bus Corporation

CNH IrisBus

VDL Bus International B.V.

They have designed a common interface as an open standard based on the FMS-standard for trucks in accordance to SAE J 1939 which will be supported by these leading manufacturers.

The Bus-FMS-Standard interface is an optional interface of different manufacturers of buses and coaches. Supported information is dependent upon vehicle equipment. For the full information set, additional Electronic Control Units (ECU) may be required. Please contact the manufacturer.

Please note that a direct connection to the vehicles’ internal bus system might affect vehicle reliability (as well as warranty).
If you connect directly to the internal bus system you will be held responsible if the internal bus system is disturbed.
Please see also the Letter to European Institutes (PDF format).

The Bus FMS interface is the sole interface for a safe data connection to the internal network as described in the (Bus) FMS-Standard documentation.
You are responsible for not disturbing other units connected to the FMS interface.

NEW The FMS-Standard Vers. 4 is available for download

NEW The remote FMS-Standard (rFMS) Vers.2 is updated and available for download.

In the download area you find the description of this Bus-FMS-Standard to download. You need to register first to get your password for the access. There will be no fee for the access to the download area.

Please find here the information about FMS-Standard in trucks FMS-Standard.

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